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D2,B-156,New Ashok Nagar, Block C, Ashok Nagar Extension, New Ashok Nagar, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh 110096, India

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Great to celebrate the very first birthday with mybirthdayorganiser. It was a great show of magic+puppet+tattoo that made it very special. Special Thanks to Rajat for making it successful and memorable.

7 months ago by A Google User

Amazing Experience With Your Company .Thanks For Making My Birthday Party Memorable

5 months ago by A Google User

Excellent arrangement everything was nice, well coordinate by Mr. Rajat

3 months ago by A Google User

Well my experience with them was a little different. Before my event there was my friends event which eventually they did not do upto the expectation and as promised so for my event I was extra conscious. When i booked them, they promised they with do everything which I asked them for which i showed them respective pics. But when it came to execution it was a big headace for me to get work done from them. I got my booking done 2 months before my event. Since my was theme party so i was a bit worried and whenever I use to call them if preparations are being done for my theme party, rajat use to say u don't worry all will be done in a week. Then, when one week was left, and Whenever, I use to call them for the status and preparation of my job Rajat use to get irritated, whenever i use to ask them for some improvement or changes in the backdrop or welcome board or anything he use to shout at me saying that we are not experts and "apko to sab kaam ekdam perfect chahiye hota hai" and I was like if you are not expert at your work why did you take up, why am i paying 40,000 to you to not even ask how are you doing my work. But since i had paid the money and had no choice so i kept on following up with them and instructing them with how i want the things. After many followups and instruction, though the final decoration which they did was good but to get its done I had to be after them always and it was a big headache for me. But still there were some problems which i noticed after the party started, they didn't give us cake knife, party poppers, cake candle etc. Also, I had booked for a Magic Show and that person who had to do magic show didn't came for which I was told he met an accident (god knows the truth). When I asked Rajat for refund for the payment done for Magic Show he refused to pay back. Overall, my experience was very bad with Rajat. He is very unprofessional and short tempered. After my event many people asked me about the event organizer (since the decoration finally turned up good after my constant follow ups with them) but i did'nt refereed it to anyone due to his unprofessional attitude. Nothing was complimentary...they charged for every single thing and didnt return my money for magic show which was never done. Also, they didnt even inform us that they would not be giving the ake knife, party poppers, cake candle etc which they mentioned in their package. And yes the decoration was gud but for that I had to constantly be after them and check each and every thing otherwise they would have spoiled my function . They are very unprofessional and rude people.

7 months ago by A Google User

This is the best place to celebrate your birthday party in anytime...

5 months ago by A Google User

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