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Flat no. 6 KaavanApartment Sudguntyapalya, Bayarappa Layout, Suddaguntapalya, C V Raman Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560093, India

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ZERO STAR IS NOT ALLOWED HENCE ONE. Pathetic customer service - seems like the delivery guy (driver) runs their company. No one cares and no one bothers about the promised delivery slot and customers time. If you try to reach them over phone to enquire about the delivery status, after promising you a call back in 5 min, they stop picking up your call. I tried reaching their BOSS (delivery guy), their warehouse number, the lady who called me to fix the delivery schedule. The company cares about everything EXCEPT the customer. I pray that you get good direction and survive in this competitive world (sick).

in the last week by Manish Arora

I found the rent amount very competitive. They have nice catalog as well. The only problem was the delivery of the product. Once the order was placed and documents verified, the customer care guys told me that some guy named Virender will take care of the delivery of products. When the first deadline crossed I called him and enquired about the delivery, the guy asked me that he need some more time like 2-3 days more and this happened at least twice. After I got frustrated I asked him either to deliver the product in an hour or cancel my order and return my money. On hearing so he surprisingly delivered the products in an hour time forgetting all his problems and challenges he was facing. Basically the guy is a liar.

a month ago by Rishikesh Ranjjan

The rent is less, product is fine but the customer support is worst. They will not talk properly, neither will address you with respect. They'll rather mock you off if you try to say something or argue.

4 weeks ago by Sanya Tayal

A friend of mine rented a recliner and 3 seater sofa here in Bangalore while I was there for some business work and just to make me feel comfortable, he requested to rentickle team to deliver a bit urgent and we got it as requested.. The product quality were also amazing.

2 weeks ago by Hunny Shakya

The only reason I love my short span in Bangalore is because of hassle free service provided by Rentickle team. Always recommended..

3 weeks ago by Nisha Shakya

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